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american healthcare in transition


“Victim? American Healthcare in Transition”

Book Cover - this can kill you
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American Healthcare in Transition

with the House of Representatives passing the 
American Health Care Act (AHCA)

How to make health care work for all Americans is the unanswered question

Brian CasullAs a physician and Physician Executive with 40 years in service supporting the patient, I share the passion and concern about the current health care law of the land the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA). Having supported our men and women in uniform, people with private sector healthcare, and folks with pharmacy benefits; I feel compelled to speak out about the very pertinent subject of the ACA and American Health Care Act (AHCA).

In fact, I feel so strongly about the issue of providing affordable healthcare to many of our vulnerable fellow Americans that I am self-publishing a discussion of Healthcare in America.

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ghost from a wishing well book cover

“Ghost From a Wishing Well”


Hiram Baer

This is a true account. 

It is primarily a story about motherhood, But it is also a story about the “Ghost in the wishing well.” That sentinel event in life which leads to a loss that remains as a life long scar … The ghost in the wishing well.  The one which never will be set free as long as it’s a ghost that you can’t see. For surely giving up a child for adoption is akin to loosing that life as a part of your life.  Did the birth mother make the right decision? Would the child have a better life than the one she could have given at the time.  And the wanting.

“Secrecy and denial. How could this be happening to me? I was going to have a baby, but no, there would be no baby, no child, no future. Everything looked dismal. There was no happy ending in this story.  How could I cope?”

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