Consumers of Healthcare

There’s a second party, the CONSUMER OF HEATHCARE, who receives the service.

Are You Listening?

Now we have come full cycle to the place where I as a Physician Executive will ask some questions. This set of questions is only for you the “second party” of our FOR-PROFIT HEALTH CARE INSURANCE MODEL.

basball park - where is your healthcare seat

The generally disenfranchised participant of our Healthcare Insurance Model. Do you know where you sit in our health care ballpark?

tectonic plates in baseball stadium

Are you aware of the TECTONIC PLATES are at your feet?

healthcare 101 graph


health plan bannerRemember, the third party-the PAYOR is actually the For Profit Health Insurance Model with multiple payors from private (Insurance Companies) to public (Medicare, Medicaid, VA, TRICARE, Indian health Service) to individual (ACA Marketplace).

Many are underserved (Underinsured) or have no health care insurance at all (Uninsured). There is also a group of you who just don’t use your health care insurance (Noncompliant).

Become familiar with the tools you have at your disposal and don’t be afraid to apply them.

Teaching points:

  • learning the motivation and machinations of the insurance industry
  • understanding how to read medical research and literature
  • seeking expert opinions about how to craft appeals which will be reviewed by the medical and legal community before approval
  • thinking creatively about how to transfer liability to the insurance company should they disapprove a procedure
  • joining diverse patient discussion groups nationwide

 You know where you sit in the Health Care Ballpark.  You have taken a step toward becoming an informed healthcare consumer. Step up to the plate. Swing away.

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