Cost is Key to Whether You Can Provide Adequate Health Care Coverage For You And/Or Your Family

In our previous blog, I discussed the concept of Health Care Park and Tectonic Plates. COST being a major one of those results of an angry lithosphere. I left you with a question. IS COST A VIABLE CONCEPT FOR THE INFORMED CONSUMER OF HEALTHCARE?  I believe it is. But, don’t just take my word for it. Here is a discussion which will I believe will prove my point.

financial stress chart

COST becomes the chief determinant of whether you can provide adequate health care coverage for you and/or your family.  There are of course other reasons for being uninsured. But COST seems to be the key.


And what has been our DECISION MAKERS in Congress’ response? DEFICIT REDUCTION masquerading as HEALTH CARE REFORM!

impact-reform chart

If you crunched the numbers (okay the Congressional Budget Office did it for us), here was the projected impacted of each of our Capitol Hill DECISION MAKERS’ efforts.

deficit reduction effect on healthcare chart

But HEALTHCARE CONSUMERS who are UNDERINSURED face as great a danger (and they are more numerous) than those who are uninsured. The enter Health Care Park and access their seats only when they can afford the price of admission. Here is the definition of the UNDERINSURED. Anyone you know?


WHO: 23 % of 19-to-64-year-old adults-at least 40 million people)

WHY: Health insurance moving toward greater patient cost sharing


  • out-of-pocket costs, excluding premiums, over the prior 12 months are equal to 10 percent or more of household income; or
  • out-of-pocket costs, excluding premiums, are equal to 5 percent or more of household income if income is under 200 percent of the federal poverty level ($22,980 for an individual and $47,100 for a family of four); or
  • deductible is 5 percent or more of household income

Half (51%) of underinsured adults reported problems with medical bills or debt of $4,000 or more.

More than two of five (44%) reported not getting needed care because of cost.

So what? Who cares? Why should we care? Evidently an Idaho Congressmen didn’t, and his town hall roasted him alive. YOU CAN DIE FROM LACK OF HEALTHCARE INSURANCE!  And here is the data.

can you die from lack of insurance


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