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Healthcare is not a “system” in the United States. Rather it is like a game of baseball where your perceived and actual coverage is determined in large part by where you sit in the ballpark of healthcare.

basball park - where is your healthcare seat

Read my posts below to discover … learn … realize … understand what you can do about
American Healthcare in Transition.

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A Look at Other Healthcare Delivery Models

If competition may not be the best way to approach our American healthcare in transition, what would? Perhaps we need to take a look at other healthcare delivery models besides our current Multi-Payer model?[1] And what type of scorecard should we use? Perhaps RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) might be a better way to approach our choices. ROI has four main basis of competition discussed previously:  PRICE (COST)  CONSUMER CHOICE  ACCESS AND STYLE OF CARE  QUALITY OF CARE It also [...]

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Vlog #3 – Return on Investments

As you have already learned in my first 2 vlogs, our current healthcare model is broken, driven by profit rather than the health and care of the patients.  At the end of the day -- it all comes down to cost.  And currently this cost comes out of your pocket. How can we fix the healthcare model in our country?  Listen on ...

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So, what should our FOURTH PARTY DECISION MAKERS do?

Let us address a common “wisdom” being espoused by decision makers of the Republican persuasion in Congress. Greater transparency More choice for consumers Competition to decrease cost  WHAT BASIS COMPETITION?[1] What do these product lines look like?[2] 1:  PRICE-The primary consideration Why are we concerned about competition based on PRICE? The raising cost of health care, currently $3.65 trillion dollars in 2018 or roughly $11,212 per capita.[3] And how does that impact the SECOND PARTY or Health care Consumer? 2:  [...]

Vlog #2 – It All Comes Down To Cost

In this, my second video blog, we discuss the impact of healthcare coverage -- or as it exists today -- lack of coverage. As we learn here, the primary topic of discussion for Healthcare 2020 is ... it all comes down to cost.

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Democrats Reveal Their Healthcare Proposal — Will It Work?

The Democrats have revealed their  “Medicare for All” Proposal.[1] WILL IT WORK? Health coverage for all Americans to include premiums, copays and deductibles Expansion of Medicare to younger Americans essentially replacing both Medicaid (low income/disabled) and employer-paid (workers) healthcare coverage The current for-profit healthcare insurance model would be reduced to supplying supplemental coverage only, which will not go unnoticed by the FOURTH PARTY decision makers whose job it is to maintain profit or the current THIRD PARTY PAYORS; Benefits [...]

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The Republican “End Run” on Our Health Plans

One Administration END RUN has been struck down.[1] A federal judge ruled against the Trump administration's highly touted small-business health insurance plan, calling it an "end run" around consumer protections provided by the Affordable Care Act. At issue in the latest ruling are so-called "association health plans," in which businesses and sole proprietors can band together to offer lower-cost coverage that doesn't provide all the benefits required under the Affordable Care Act.That said, STILL IN PLAY:[2]The Trump administration has reversed [...]

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Where Do the Decision Makers Sit on the Political Fence?

Where do the decision makers sit on the political fence?[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] “Republicans have no intention of heeding President Trump’s urgent demands for a new health-care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, fearing the potential political damage that such a proposal could cause in 2020 and hoping he will soon drop the idea, according to interviews with numerous GOP lawmakers, legislative staffers and administration aides.” The GOP in Congress want the following: -Greater transparency -More choice [...]

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Medicare for all Scenarios

All aspects of our current For Profit Healthcare Insurance Model would be impacted.  In the PROVIDER (FIRST PARTY) community, hospitals have a profit related concern.  Medicare’s lower rates may markedly reduce revenues and “ disrupt the delicate balance of cross-subsidization between higher commercial rates and lower government rates.[1]  What is also interesting in this NAVIGANT article are the enrollment scenarios which are included. These may serve as a prognostication for the impact of the various  potential Medicare for All [...]

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The Voice of the People

The current Law of the Land is the Affordable Care Act. The question? In 2017, Republicans wanted their leaders to continue the ACA repeal and replace (66 percent). It is of interest that 28 percent of Republicans were interested in improving the way the ACA was working. Democrats told their leaders that they wanted to improve the way the ACA was working (52 percent) while 43 percent wanted them to pass a national healthcare plan.[1] How are Americans currently [...]

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