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There’s the ‘first’ party — the PROVIDER who provides the service.

Are You Listening?

healthcare provider - doctorAs I said in the first POSTSCRIPT for the Consumer of Healthcare, now we have come full cycle to the place where I as a Physician Executive will ask some questions. This set of information is only for you the “first party” of our FOR-PROFIT HEALTH CARE INSURANCE MODEL.  THE PROVIDERS OF HEALTHCARE.

Physicians could recapture the moral high ground and advocate for equitable access to patient-­‐centric care. A career in medicine makes physicians uniquely able to see how tragically easy it would be to better treat hypertension and prevent the high-­‐cost strokes, heart attacks, and renal failure.

“So, Doctor, how long can I live without taking my blood pressure medicines?” Although we physicians hear these stories every day, our legislators seldom have direct access to them.

Society grants physicians the privilege to hear these stories; it is therefore incumbent upon us to help our legislators understand how policy decisions that undermine universal access place American citizens (our grandmothers, friends, and neighbors) into untenable dilemmas.

The voice of physicians is uniquely able to impact the dialogue.

There are those who exhort physician leadership and consideration of a one-party payer system. The broadest division among the one-party payer system advocates is in how the delivery of care is organized. Many have chosen to preserve the private delivery of health care, where physicians and hospitals are free to organize themselves much as happens today in Canada. Those single payer systems are classified as “National Health Insurance” as the nationalization is focused on the insurance functions, not the delivery services.

I have talked about the Accountable Care Organization and other things to help the consumer of healthcare avoid the tectonic plates and the earthquakes that lurk below based on our current “system” of variability.

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Some sort of consolidation seems appropriate. To some, consolidation is just another term for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). But what of physician consolidation?

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Regardless of the format we select for American healthcare in transition, reward should be based on performance. One model has been the MACRP or Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act.

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