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Our American Healthcare System is in Transition

… and here is what you can do about it

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COL (R) US Army Medical Corps
Physician Executive with 40+ years experience in
traditional and non-traditional physician environments

My goal is simple … Help you become an informed consumer of healthcare.

This website is designed to address American healthcare in transition and assist those who have to navigate its perilous topography. Whether you are a provider of healthcare, a healthcare decision maker or the person actually wondering how you can get to that needed healthcare, we all need advocates.

In my professional lifetime of almost 50 years in healthcare, I have been learning how to facilitate healthcare for my patients and clients.


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Insights, case studies, and suggestions on how to deal with the issue of
making our American Healthcare in Transition more efficient.

Are You Ready to Become an Informed Healthcare Consumer?

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deaths per year are from health-related causes

If six percent die from lack of healthcare insurance, 16,558 Americans could die from being UNINSURED or UNDERINSURED.

This website is designed to help you, the people who require healthcare coverage, become an informed consumer.

I wish to reach out not only to the healthcare consumer but to the providers of healthcare who wish to support their patients in the context of an Accountable Care Organization or Patient Centered Medical Home. Another group of folks who I would reach out to are those of you who are the policy makers and decision makers when it comes to American Healthcare in Transition. And above all, I would like to reach out to patient advocates and be able to provide usable information to help you support your constituency.

The healthcare posts on this website are the means of providing regular content to support the mission of becoming informed consumers of healthcare no matter what your particular emphasis might be. I invite you to check out my BLOG page or CONTACT me for additional discussion or to ask a question. I would like to be of assistance by knowing how best to reach your stakeholders or what your particular hot healthcare topic of concern might be.

As a practicing physician and now physician executive, I have had the benefit of a forty plus year journey experiencing most, if not all, of the disparate and diverse aspects of our American game of healthcare played on tectonic plates.

So please let me know how I can help you.

“Trust me. I’m a Doctor.”

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