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Healthcare 2020 – How Do We Get There From Here?

In the ever-changing healthcare system, the question becomes:  "How do we get there from here?"  Follow along with me ... on the Yellow Brick Road ... IMPACT OF HIGH HEALTH CARE COST Even if you still have coverage, three percent (employer based coverage) to 8 % (Medicaid/other public insurance) went without needed care because of cost. While another 6-9% postponed seeking care. (employer based/Public based insurance). Both groups [...]

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Vlog #6 – Healthcare 2020 – What Should be Done?

In this vlog we explore the various models and options for the future of healthcare in America. The ACA is still in place until 2019 when the mandate to have insurance goes away, thanks to the 2017 Tax Bill. Appeals have begun. The Supreme Court will become involved. Health Care will continue to be a hot topic in the 2020 Presidential Election. What should be done?  Watch my video [...]

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How Are We Going To Debate Healthcare Reform?

No one system escapes criticism. It appears that there is good, bad, and ugly to be found in any system you choose. For sure there would be winners and losers.  THE PRIME DIRECTIVE: -ELIMINATE VARIABILITY One Operations Manual One Policy Manual One Reimbursement Manual USE THE HEIRARCHY OF EVIDENCE[1] GRADING 1A-Strong recommendation. High quality evidence. Strong recommendation can apply to most patients in most circumstances without reservation 1B - [...]

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Vlog #5 – Return on Investment, Part 3

Return on Investment (ROI) is, basically, what you are getting in return for what you are spending. Or ... "How much bang for the buck." In the current American Healthcare "System," unlike traditional return-on-investment models, benefits are frequently gained from cost avoidance, rather than from revenue enhancement activities.

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How Do The Current Universal Healthcare Models Rank?

When comparing data from all the major healthcare models in other countries, how do these models rank?  If you crunch the numbers obtained from the number crunchers, simply stated: All the other models of health care have a greater ROI than our current model. If we use the data from a very complete and thorough comparison of existing health plan models not being practiced in the United States, here [...]

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A Look at Other Healthcare Delivery Models

If competition may not be the best way to approach our American healthcare in transition, what would? Perhaps we need to take a look at other healthcare delivery models besides our current Multi-Payer model?[1] And what type of scorecard should we use? Perhaps RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) might be a better way to approach our choices. ROI has four main basis of competition discussed previously:  PRICE (COST)  CONSUMER CHOICE [...]

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So, what should our FOURTH PARTY DECISION MAKERS do?

Let us address a common “wisdom” being espoused by decision makers of the Republican persuasion in Congress. Greater transparency More choice for consumers Competition to decrease cost  WHAT BASIS COMPETITION?[1] What do these product lines look like?[2] 1:  PRICE-The primary consideration Why are we concerned about competition based on PRICE? The raising cost of health care, currently $3.65 trillion dollars in 2018 or roughly $11,212 per capita.[3] And how does [...]

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Democrats Reveal Their Healthcare Proposal — Will It Work?

The Democrats have revealed their  “Medicare for All” Proposal.[1] WILL IT WORK? Health coverage for all Americans to include premiums, copays and deductibles Expansion of Medicare to younger Americans essentially replacing both Medicaid (low income/disabled) and employer-paid (workers) healthcare coverage The current for-profit healthcare insurance model would be reduced to supplying supplemental coverage only, which will not go unnoticed by the FOURTH PARTY decision makers whose job it is [...]

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