Democrats Reveal Their Healthcare Proposal — Will It Work?

The Democrats have revealed their  “Medicare for All” Proposal.[1] WILL IT WORK?

  1. Health coverage for all Americans to include premiums, copays and deductibles
  2. Expansion of Medicare to younger Americans essentially replacing both Medicaid (low income/disabled) and employer-paid (workers) healthcare coverage
  3. The current for-profit healthcare insurance model would be reduced to supplying supplemental coverage only, which will not go unnoticed by the FOURTH PARTY decision makers whose job it is to maintain profit or the current THIRD PARTY PAYORS;
  4. Benefits seem to be along the line of current ACA coverage and also include prescription drug coverage, long-term care, and full mental health coverage (including addiction);
  5. The VA and Indian Health Service would continue but there was no discussion of the Tricare Program

political fence chart

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ plan is the most ambitious one proposed by Democrats in that it is aimed at expanding health coverage and proposing a total restructuring of the the national health care system that would effectively eliminate employer sponsored insurance and other government programs like Medicaid.[2]  The plan would guarantee every American generous health benefits ranging from hospital care and preventive services to prescription drug coverage — all with no premiums or out-of-pocket costs. I will discuss the dollars and sense in a later blog.

In the meantime, reacquaint yourself the overall picture of of American Healthcare In Transition 2020.

reality of healthcare basics chart

Many more Democrats have entered the presidential free-for-all then those listed below. “Some Democrats have called for the United States to achieve Medicare-for-all through a single-payer system, in which all Americans would be enrolled automatically on a government plan. Other candidates have said that they believe Medicare-for-all is a good long-term goal, while stopping short of calling for a single-payer system. Others still believe in more modest measures to expand health insurance, believing Medicare-for-all could trigger a political backlash.”[3]

Joe Biden says he would let people buy into Medicare and will build upon the Affordable Care Act, signed into law while he was vice president. Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar says a government-run insurance plan that competes with the private market is the best approach in the short term. Some Democrats have taken a mixed approach. New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker has endorsed Medicare for All but wants to maintain private insurance and favors lowering the age of Medicare eligibility from 65 to 50 as a way of expanding coverage. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) has urged caution on the proposal and is focused on legislation to strengthen the ACA, also known as Obamacare.[4]

Next time we will look at what other parties in our FOR-PROFIT HEALTHCARE CARE INSURANCE model are saying on the subject.


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