How Do The Current Universal Healthcare Models Rank?

When comparing data from all the major healthcare models in other countries, how do these models rank?  If you crunch the numbers obtained from the number crunchers, simply stated: All the other models of health care have a greater ROI than our current model.

Best overall healthcare model chart

If we use the data from a very complete and thorough comparison of existing health plan models not being practiced in the United States, here is what that data shows us.[1] The numbers represent where each country ranks in that particular measure compared to the performance of 28 universal health-care systems in high-income countries.  The United States by the way was not included in the ranking. We have discussed our multi-payor system.

universal healthcare ranking by country chart

The authors utilized 40 indicators, representing the four broad categories:

  • availability of resources
  • use of resources
  • access to resources
  • quality and clinical performance

Five measures of the overall health status of the population are also included. But these indicators can be influenced to a large degree by non-medical determinants of health that lie outside the purview of a country’s health-care system and policies. We have talked about the non-medical determinants of health.

Keep in mind the Model rankings (above) as well as the individual country rankings (below).[2]

healthcare system performance rankings

You be the judge of what these data tell us. We will discuss this subject again in the next blog.


[1]  Barua, Bacchus and David Jacques, “Comparing Performance of Universal Health Care Countries, 2018,” Fraser Institute, 2018,

[2] “Health Care System Performance Rankings,” The Commonwealth Fund, 13 July 2017,

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