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The current Law of the Land is the Affordable Care Act. The question?

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In 2017, Republicans wanted their leaders to continue the ACA repeal and replace (66 percent). It is of interest that 28 percent of Republicans were interested in improving the way the ACA was working. Democrats told their leaders that they wanted to improve the way the ACA was working (52 percent) while 43 percent wanted them to pass a national healthcare plan.[1]

How are Americans currently leaning?[2]

Fifty three percent view the ACA as favorable.

Forty percent view the ACA as unfavorable.

Largely driven by Democrats.

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This is a change from pre 2018 mid term elections when 53 percent of Americans polled felt that repealing the ACA was important while  52 percent felt that stabilizing the ACA marketplaces was important.[3]  The current public attitude on expanding Medicare and Medicaid looks like this.[4]

  1. Allowing people between the ages of 50-64 to buy health insurance through Medicare-77 percent
  2. Allowing people who do not get health vare insurance through work to buy into their state Medicaid instead of buying a private plan (ACA exchange)-75%
  3. Creating a national government administered healthplan similar to Medicare (open for anyone), but would allow people to keep the coverge they have-74%
  4. Medicare For All single payor (Government) for all Americans-56 percent

What about clinicians and health care executives?

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“NEJM Catalyst Insights Council survey of executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians, nearly half of respondents (49%) identify single-payer as the best outcome for future payment reform. Support is greatest among clinicians (55%), whereas only 39% of health care executives say they want it.[5]

What about the THIRD PARTY PAYORS?  If UnitedHealth CEO David Wichmann would be seen as the spokesperson for this segment of our FOR-PROFIT HEALTH CARE INSURANCE model:

“On the investor call, UnitedHealth CEO David Wichmann warned moving to a Medicare for All type system would ‘surely jeopardize the relationship people have with their doctors, destabilize the nation’s health system and limit the ability of clinicians to practice medicine at their best[6].’”

We will continue with line of discussion in the next blog.


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