What About Chronic Disease and Healthcare Affordability?

What about chronic disease and the affordability of healthcare insurance?  Or, another way to think of it is:  HOW MANY PEOPLE DIDN’T GET HEALTHCARE BECAUSE OF COST?

next gen blog 12 - Chronic Disease chart

Does the “NO” category in the chart above relate to patients with chronic disease?

The affordability crisis facing people with chronic diseases is yet another example of the UNDERINSURED.[1] On the Health Care Continuum, people with chronic illness form the slippery slope.

next gen blog 12 - healthcare continuum

These chronic conditions are what are also called pre-existing conditions.[2]

next gen blog 12 - Pre existing

And the chronic condition of being underinsured is a major problem.[3]

next gen blog 12 - tectonic plates

WHY?  The out of pocket cost of healthcare.  $$

next gen blog 12 - healthcare 101 chart


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