Where Do the Decision Makers Sit on the Political Fence?

Where do the decision makers sit on the political fence?[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

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Republicans have no intention of heeding President Trump’s urgent demands for a new health-care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, fearing the potential political damage that such a proposal could cause in 2020 and hoping he will soon drop the idea, according to interviews with numerous GOP lawmakers, legislative staffers and administration aides.” The GOP in Congress want the following:

-Greater transparency

-More choice for consumers

-Competition to <cost

The Administration has utilized Multiple End Runs to End the ACA. The latest word is that the White House is quietly working on a healthcare policy proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the matter.

In essence, if the current director of the National Economic Council (Trump’s chief economic adviser) is any indicator- the American health care system was “pretty good” and “people are pretty satisfied with it. ”  “You know, I think the basic parts of the system are OK. We can do better, but not if the government runs it, I don’t buy it,” Kudlow said. He continued: “I don’t know what the right amount of health care spending is,” Kudlow said. “If you live in a prosperous economy and incomes rise … People may choose more health care. It’s a free choice, and I like that a lot.” [6]

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If there was any doubt about how the administration feels about the ACA-the Department of Justice has just asked the federal appeals court to strike down the entire ACA. Why? Absent a mandate to carry health care insurance, the entire ACA is unconstitutional and should be invalidated.

Next time we look at the REPUBLICAN END RUN.


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